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Katrina kaif in Blue2009

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Katrina n Neil’s Fun on Dus Ka Dum ‘EXCLUSIVE’ ! Salman Khan – 10 ka Dum ! HD Video! ShAn malik

Katrina Kaif was seen launching the Audi Q5


dolly katrina in Barbie Museum


Kats impressed Mattel, the makers of the world’s favourite doll, so much that they have decided to give the ‘Bollywood Barbie’, which will be modelled after the pretty actress, a position of pride in the Barbie Museum in Bloomingdale, New York.

The museum also has dolls of American singers Beyonce Knowles, Cher and Diana Ross and Hollywood actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan and supermodel Twiggy.
Confirming the development to the media, Katrina said, “The customised Barbie being made for the American museum will be just like me.” The production of Bollywood Barbies will begin in september, said a Mattel spokesperson.

Katrina said she is ‘flattered’ to have her face on the dolls she has played with when she was a child. “As a kid I used to play with Barbie dolls. Almost every household has one. It’s every little girl’s dream companion,” she said to a national daily.

katrina kaif performs @ IPL 2009


katrina kaif n akon performs @ IPL 2009 closing ceremony


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Salman’s party without Katrina


You just can’t hide the truth. Katrina kaif kept saying that she and Salman Khan have not split while Salman chose to keep silent. But the cruel fate seems to be popping up. Last Saturday, Salman partied with his friends late into the night but Katrina was nowhere to be seen, thus sparking the rumours that they have actually parted ways.




Katrina Kaif is acting her age, finally!


The sprightly Katrina Kaif has graced the arm of many an older leading man, namely Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan. But the young 24-year-old is finally ditching the 40 plus actors for some younger leading men! She has just finished shooting for ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’ with Ranbir Kapoor, and is being considered for Sanjay Gadhvi’s next project with Imran Khan. She’s also in New York with Neil Mukesh. Kaif will team up with Ranbir again for Prakah Jha’s ‘Rajniti’.

Kaif’s first successful movie was ‘Sarkar’ in 2005 where she appeared briefly as Abhishek Bachchan’s girlfriend. Then her next movie was with the 43-year-old Salman Khan in ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’ in 2006. After Khan (whom she’s been dating since 2003), Kaif did Namastey London with Akshay Kumar. In 2008 she appeared opposite yet another older man, Saif Ali Khan, in Race. With so many young men out there, maybe Kaif is finally sticking to her age group.

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Katrina Kaif sizzles ‘Barbie All Doll’d Up’ at LFW – DAY 1


There could not have been a better opening of the Fall/Winter 2009 Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) than the spectacular “Barbie All Doll’d Up” show that rocked the ramp.

It was a perfect combination of style and glamour as 50 years of Barbie was celebrated along with Lakme Fashion Week, the pioneers of the fashion weeks in India having completed a decade.

Dress the Barbie contest attracted 75 entries from top designers in the country from which the 20 short listed creations were showcased on the ramp at the dazzling show.

It was the winning dress by Nishka Lulla that Bollywood’s glamorous star Katrina Kaif modeled as the show stopper of the day. Katrina Kaif will be the Indian celebrity on whose likeness a Barbie doll will be created by Mattel Toys India Pvt. Ltd.

The Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai with the extra long ramp was dressed in hundreds of metres of the characteristic Barbie pink silk with the famed Barbie logo all around. The venue almost resembled Barbie’s pretty house and it was a place where a girl of any age would have loved to be.

Pretty, frothy party dresses and gowns that were a delightful blend of the east and west turned into great fusion wear as they floated down the ramp. Top ramp models were dressed in brilliant creations that could have made Barbie’s wardrobe the most envied in the world.

Starting with the Barbie song for the “Plastic and Fantastic Barbie” the accompanying audio visual gave a flash back of Barbie through the five decades and Barbie dolls around the world.

Designer Vikram Phadnis’s creation opened the show with a white tulle layered gown with a crystal bodice, followed by Wendell Rodricks who showed a gown with a silver bodysuit that could move effortlessly from Red Carpet to Disco. More dazzling gowns floated down the ramp by designers Vivek Kumar, Neeta Lulla, Atit Bhatt, Anand Bhushan, Tanvi Kedia, Abdul Haldar, Ruchi Mehta, Niak, Jyoti Sharma (a stunning shell pleated will- power shaded mini) Sonam Mehta, Prashant/Sudha and Shantanu/Nikhil. The Shirt Company that markets the Barbie Clothing Line in India had tiny tot, Chanel Robinson in a lovely red net gown.

Finally the beauteous Katrina Kaif radiantly glided down the ramp in Nishka Lulla’s award winning red shaded tiered mini with a brocade bodice clasped with a giant gold bow at the back.

It was a show that was full of glitz, glamour, style and elegance and there couldn’t have been a better way to start the Fall/Winter 2009 season at Lakme Fashion Week then with “Barbie all Doll’d Up”!

Lakme Fashion Week

Katrina Kaif’s fluency in Hindi wows listeners


Brit beauty Katrina Kaif is not only a delight to look at but also to work with. The gorgeous actress, known for her flawless face and figure wowed the veteran director Prakash Jha this time. Well, she drew admiration not for her looks but her commitment towards work.

Katrina is reportedly playing Sonia Gandhi in Prakash Jha’s upcoming ‘Rajniti’ and her poor Hindi diction had been a cause of great concern for the filmmaker. Recently during the shoots in Bhopal, the lady took the criticism in a positive way and rehearsed her lines so well that Jha was surprised at the way she spoke the language – without a trace of accent.

Katrina reportedly disappeared for hours and just before the final take she surprised everyone by delivering a long Hindi dialogue without a mistake. This drew applause from the unit of ‘Rajniti’.

Katrina Kaif Dance Performance Pictures


Katrina’s Live Performance (Filmfare 09)

Katrina Kaif reduced to an item girl!


he saucy stunner has just a minuscule role in one of her upcoming movies.

You expect to see a lot of Katrina Kaif in a film co-starring Akshay Kumar . But that may not happen in Blue , the Ashtavinayak production being directed by Anthony D’Souza .

While Lara Dutta is the film’s leading lady, Katrina will just have an item number and a few scenes in the flick. There have been rumours that her role has been extended to bring more star value to the project, but the actress has confirmed that she’s a very small role in ‘Blue’.

Blue makers want more of Katrina!


Following recent developments, Katrina Kaif will do more than a mere item number in Shree Ashtavinayak’s Blue.

Says a source in the Blue unit, “Initially, Katrina was only supposed to do an item song but going by her market viability, the film’s makers have increased her role in Blue to a special appearance. Katrina shot for her extended role for 10 days in Bangkok last year.”

Katrina Kaif Plays Small Role in ‘Blue’


Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film, ‘Blue’ has been the talk of the town lately; with international pop star Kylie Minogue descending upon Mumbai to film an item song as well as a few scenes.  With all the frenzy it might be easy to forget that there are other Bollywood stars in the film, including Katrina Kaif.

Now when you mention Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in the same film, one automatically expects Katrina to have a full-fledged role in the film, remember ‘Namaste London,’ ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye,’ ‘Welcome’ and ‘Singh Is Kinng’?  Well if that’s what you expect from ‘Blue’ then you’ll be in for a surprise!

Katrina Kaif to tread a different path

1Despite a setback in the form of Subhash Ghai’s YUVVRAAJ, Katrina Kaif is the numero-uno actress of Bollywood, both from the audience as well as the latest newspaper poll. Last year was a pretty good one for Katrina with one super-hit, SINGH IS KINNG, one hit RACE and a flop in YUVRAAJ. HELLO too scraped through to safety, although Katrina’s role was a very short guest appearance

Director’s choice

With five box-office hits in a year, Katrina Kaif has wowed both Bollywood and the audience. Derek Bose on the actor

A leading international men’s magazine, FHM has ranked Katrina No 1 among the world’s 100 Sexiest Women

Somebody should make a film on Katrina Kaif — the British girl who came in from the cold and within a couple of years, has emerged as the hottest and the highest paid heroine of Hindi cinema. The film could well be called Luck By Chance, only that the title has already been taken by Zoya Akhtar, who made her directorial debut with brother Farhan Akhtar as the hero. Farhan plays a wannabe star, who lands in Mumbai to discover that more than merit or hard work, it is plain luck that determines success in Bollywood.

‘I’m doing substantial roles now’ : Katrina


Katrina speaks about her forthcoming films and the issues close to her heart

You finally find yourself in the big league with so many hits.

I have been lucky for the last year or so with all my films Namastey London Partner, Welcome, Race and Singh Is Kinng becoming hits. It gives immense satisfaction but I still feel there’s a lot to learn. I count myself among the new generation of actors and I have a lot to give.

Since you are in the top league now, would you become choosy?

I can’t be compared with Aishwarya: Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif has just been voted the most googled girl from Bollywood.

Down with a bad flu attack Katrina says, “I’m very surprised. I really didn’t expect this. Google is the only thing I know on the internet. I’m not too internet savvy. Who doesn’t want to be recognized and loved?

I think it’s really sweet because it means I’m a little more popular with the younger generation. People between 19 and 30 go to the internet more, I think. And that’s the audience I want to connect with.”

I Want To Be Bigger Than Shah Rukh Khan!

katrina9Avinash Mukherjee, commonly and popularly known as Jagdish or Jagya is the youngest son-in-law, the Indian television has ever seen. After showing his amazing talent in popular serials like Kahaani Kahaani Ghar Ki, Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family and Rajkumar Aaryan this young lad is someone who seems to have made a point to make it big in this Industry. If you guys want more then this lad has got the opportunity of doing something which even the biggest stars dream of till date; walking the ramp with the sizzling Bollywood beauty, Katrina Kaif at the Lakme Fashion week.

Katrina sizzles in new ‘Slice’ ad


Mumbai: Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is ready to set the screen on fire with her latest advertisement of the popular mango juice drink brand Slice. Katrina is shooting for a new advertisement for the brand.

Speaking excluively to Samay, she said, ‘The drink is all about evoking senses and this new advertisement is promoting the same.’

PepsiCo had signed this bollywood damsel in March, 2008 as its as its brand ambassador for its popular mango juice drink brand Slice.

Katrina Kaif developing political acumen!


Katrina Kaif’s understanding of local politics has been honed thanks to the role she is playing in Prakash Jha’s film ‘Rajniti’.

Tossing aside the rumours of her character in the film being modeled on Sonia Gandhi, it must be said that Katrina Kaif has been preparing for her role determinedly. Donning a sari or no-make up look is superficial. Katrina is sinking her teeth deeper into her character this time. At least so she claims.

The actress has been getting tomes of political gyaan from director Prakash Jha who wants Katrina to deliver the best performance of her career so far in Rajniti . The director has been educating the actress about the political structure, the election procedure and several underhand political activities that seldom make it to newspaper headlines.

Katrina, who reportedly feels “enlightened” on the subject by Jha, has now developed an interest in politics. And recently, when a news daily asked her whether she would consider joining politics someday, the actress surprisingly did not give a negative reply.

“Never say never…If a political party that I believe in approaches me, I might just join them,” Katrina is quoted by TOI.

So far the only votes Kat has got are in the polls for Sexiest Asian woman or popularity contests. And if she ever joins politics then perhaps the number of people who don’t vote on Election Day might dip substantially.

Priyanka Chopra Snubs Katrina Kaif

katrina-kaif-4-20090210-300x239 Cordial relationship between two actresses is a scarcity in Bollywood and Priyanka Chopra’s recent comments over Katrina Kaif’s look in upcoming movie Rajniti, only underlines it.Speaking to reporters about Katrina’s de-glamorous look in the Prakash Jha-directed film, Priyanka said by taking off make up one could not become a better actor.

She thought that it was like hiding something and saying one was uninhibited.

Emboldened by critical acclaim she received for her performance in movie Fashion, the former Miss World said that in half of the Madhur Bhandarkar flick, she did not have make up and added she would do such roles when needed not just to show that she was acting well, which was a greater challenge for any actor.

Hope the cold war out of competition for numero uno position between the two actresses results into some power packed performances by them ensuring a treat for the movie-goers.

Glam-doll Katrina Kaif says ‘never say never’ to politics


Katrina Kaif has lately gone through a drastic image makeover that is giving a fuller dimension to her personality as an actor. Transforming from Bollywood’s smiling glam-doll to a deglamorised version for Prakash Jha’s ‘Rajniti’ to being compared to Sonia Gandhi, life has turned a full circle for Katrina.

“She is definitely a powerful person but I’m not emulating her,” Katrina makes her position clear.

Katrina Kaif on the Sets of New York

newyork-katrina-kaifkatrina kaif is busily shooting for her forthcoming film New York with Neil Nitin Mukesh. Check her out on the sets of the film New York

Katrina Kaif on Filmfare Magazine March Edition | Scans


Katrina Kaif will be on the cover  for Filmfare magazine’s March 2009 first edition. She looks smokin hot on the cover in a Peacock Couture gown from the Spring

Oye It’s Friday – Katrina Kaif (Part 2)

Oye It’s Friday – Katrina Kaif (Part 1)

Ever seen Katrina riding?


In an exclusive interview with a website, India’s ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani offered us a peek into the making of his 2009 calender.

While the lens-legend shared some exciting tidbits about his experience with the stars, he also unravelled some of the exciting secrets behind the shoot.

Though usually Dabboo covers 24 stars, this year he shot 48 marking the 10th anniversary edition of the calender.

Telling us about the edition, he said, “There’s a change in the format of this year’s calender, it’s double in size. There’s a lot more drama, it’s a little sexier. It offers a lot more variety in terms of angles and techniques used in photography.

Katrina croons for luxury cars


Katrina Kaif has marched ahead of many of her co-actresses inspite of being a firangi and doing roles that leave no impact. We wonder how she celebrates her success, well she loves cars and that’s where her money goes.

Katrina says, “I always had a passion for cars. I loved the thought of owning luxury cars. I told myself that the day I’d earn money I’d buy expensive sports cars.”

With Sallu being a sports bike lover and  his madame being a car lover: this jodi surely has lot of things to talk abou

Rob Cohen: Smitten by Katrina?


First, we are not discussing Hurricane Katrina, but Katrina Kaif, who bowled Rob Cohen over. So let’s start…

What would be your reaction if you met breezy, drop-dead gorgeous actress Katrina? Of course, you would smitten by her beauty even more than you would be smitten by a hurricane! That is exactly what happened to Hollywood director Rob Cohen when he met Katrina Kaif at a private dinner party.

Sources present at the party say that the awe-struck Cohen did not take his eyes off Katrina and went on praising her beauty. It seems that Katrina chatted about Hindi movies and Cohen listened in silent admiration. Apparently the actress gave him a hint of her success trail in Bollywood, including her recent hits.

Katrina Kaif in Sushmita’s shoes


Goddess of luck, Katrina Kaif’s dedication towards her career and professionalism is helping her win hearts of all the Bollywoodwala’s and brandwala’s. She is rapidly emerging as one of the most sought after faces for brand endorsements.

The lady’s career seems to be going great guns. She has even decided to put herself through the acid test with her de-glamorized role in Prakash Jha’s forthcoming film Rajneeti. Prakash Jha is already impressed with her effort to get in the character and sources say she is going to surprise the audience with her stunning performance.

Katrina finds new love

beauty-katrina-kaifSerene beauty Katrina Kaif is flying high these days with one after another hit. Now she has developed a new love for speed. Very few know that Kat has a great fascination for cars. Katrina says, “I always had a passion for cars. I loved the thought of owning luxury cars. I told myself that the day I’d earn money I’d buy expensive sports cars.”

Oye! It’s Valentines Day Special with Katrina Kaif

2904055169_c3b4c7240cThis week love is in the air on Oye! It’s Friday! as it brings you an array of stars to add charm to your Valentine’s Day. Fall in love with the beautiful and sensuous Katrina Kaif, dance along with Hussain, the first male performer of Oye, groove to the rhythm of the saxophone with Rhys Sebastian and celebrate love in a sufiana style with Kailash Kher… all together this Friday, at 10 PM only on NDTV Imagine.

Akshaye found a good way to shut my mouth: Katrina Kaif


Luck By Chance released a fortnight back and got quite some critical acclaim coming its way. Moreover, yet again, Farhan Akhtar was hailed as a true actor material, considering he has passed with flying colors in both Rock On and now Luck By Chance.

Meanwhile, he continues with his other love, hosting a show, and is now back with Katrina Kaif. Who knows… tomorrow beauty may meet brains and we may have some more sizzling stuff happening on the big screen.

Katrina Kaif, Pantene´s New Brand Ambassador !


Katrina Kaif’s dedication towards her career and professionalism is helping her win hearts of all the Bollywoodwala’s and brandwala’s! She is rapidly emerging as one of the most sought after faces for brand endorsements. The lady’s career seems to be going great guns. She has even decided to put herself through the acid test with her de-glamorized role in Prakash Jha’s forthcoming film ‘Rajniti’.Prakash Jha is already impressed with her effort to get in the character and sources says “she is going to surprise the audience with her stunning performance.”
The latest is that the beautiful diva has managed to dethrone one of the reigning queens as brand ambassador of a shampoo brand Pantene, which was a part of Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen’s kitty of endorsements. Earlier, Katrina had dethroned another reigning queen as the brand ambassador of a diamond company.

After Aishwarya, Sushmita loses ad campaign to Katrina


Katrina Kaif seems to be in mood to make hay while the sun’s shining big time on her. After replacing Aishwarya in the ‘Nakshatra’ ad campaign, the long legged beauty has dethroned Sushmita Sen from her place.

According to reports, Kat has replaced Sush as the brand ambassador of ‘Pantene’ shampoo, which was once a part of former Miss Universe’s kitty of endorsements.

Insiders suggest that it is Katrina’s professionalism and ‘no hang-ups’ attitude which has acted as a catalyst in most of the companies choosing her to represent them. Kaif is rapidly emerging as one of the most sought after faces for brand endorsements.

Katrina Kaif: I have learnt dedication from Akshay


he may have been more than just ‘good friends’ with Salman Khan but Katrina Kaif doesn’t deny that she shares good friendship with Akshay Kumar too. In a chat show with Farhan Akhtar, she admitted that Akshay is a good friend of hers as well.

”People think that I and Akshay are good friends. Yes, it is easy working together when it comes to Akshay but then our friendship is not the kind that I could have with my childhood or college friends”, said Katrina when asked about her friends. In fact she went on to add that best friend is in fact her Manager.

Katrina Kaif’s speech dilemma


Katrina is once again in buzz. No this time not because of her boyfriend Salman Khan but her role in Prakash Jha’s Rajniti.

As we all know that her character in Rajniti has been inspired by Sonia Gandhi while Ranbir Kapoor will play Rajiv Gandhi.

Apparently the film focuses more on her character’s political career.

Needless to say Katrina has to deliver long speeches in front of lot of public and this is going to be a tough challenge for Katrina who can barely deliver her Hindi dialogues with ease.

I’m often called the voice of Katrina Kaif: Delhi girl


Akriti Kakkar, who has sung songs like Dekhoon tujhe toh, Aanan fanan and Inshallah that were picturised on Katrina Kaif, says people often call her the voice of the Bollywood actress.

“I am often called the voice of Katrina Kaif since I have sung for her in films like Namastey London, Apne and Welcome and my voice suits her personality. However, my dream is to sing for Rekha and Madhuri,” Akriti said.

Akriti has rendered chartbusters Move your body (Johnny Gaddar), Marjaani (Billo Barber), Freaky freaky raat (Kismat Konnection) and Dil vich lagiya ve (Chup Chup Ke), among others.

Katrina Celebrate Valentine Day With Ranbir Kapoor

katrina-kaif-1-20090210-300x225Serene beauty Katrina Kaif is not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Salman Khan but with handsome Ranbir Kapoor. Do not misunderstood Katrina, she is not any sort of love relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but the duo happens to be together on the particular day in connection to their shooting for the movie Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani in Turkey. Ranbir is planning to make the day special for his beautiful co star by arranging a cozy dinner. After shooting, very often Ranbir and Katrina are spotted having dinner in a restuarant. Though nothing serious is being cooked up between them, they happen to know each other better with every passing day.
Salman also have no plan to surprise Katrina as he will be busy shooting for his forthcoming movie London Dreams with Asin. But whatever it is, Ranbir and Katrina should be cautions of their enemy No 2, Deepika Padukone. She may land anytime, anywhere to check out Ranbir’s status.
We wish Katrina and Ranbir a happy and problem free valentine. Enjoy some Wallpapers


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